The Sky's The (Age) Limit: Why You're Never Too Old To Skydive

Anyone watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Summer Olympics would have (seemingly) seen James Bond (Daniel Craig) and the late Queen Elizabeth II parachute jumping from a helicopter into the stadium. Of course, the Queen didn't make the jump herself, and that part of the ceremony was performed by her stunt double, Gary Connery. At the (then) age of 86, of course, it's not as though the Queen would have made the jump herself. But this is because she was the Queen, and not because of her age. When it comes to skydiving, the sky truly is the limit in terms of being too old. 

The Upper Age

You can be too young to legally skydive, but there are very restrictions placed on the upper age, and this is more to do with physical health than age. If you, a family member, or a friend have always wanted to skydive but figured that you're now simply too old, you might need to reconsider that viewpoint.

The Oldest

As an example, think of Alfred Blaschke. The name might not be familiar, but he holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest man to perform a tandem parachute jump, back in 2020 when he was 103 years of age. You might have noticed that Blaschke performed a tandem jump, which involves being securely harnessed to the chest of an experienced skydiving professional. If you're unsure if your physical abilities are adequate for skydiving, tandem dives remove any uncertainty. 

Tandem Diving

Although a minimum level of physical fitness and mobility is required for skydiving, this becomes less critical for tandem dives. As the diver strapped to the instructor, you have very little to do other than enjoy the ride. You have to briefly coordinate your upright movements in the aircraft before jumping, and you will need to be able to raise your knees and hold them in an upright position for landing. The instructor pulls the ripcord and handles the landing. Once on the ground, you simply lower your legs to support your own weight once again.

Health Considerations

Age and a decline in health don't necessarily go hand in hand. However, you can expect to be asked about any relevant preexisting health concerns before you're permitted to skydive, such as any heart conditions, joint problems, blood pressure, and so on. Please be advised that such questions are asked of anyone planning to skydive, and aren't just being directed at you because of your age. Some health conditions can make skydiving unsafe, regardless of age.

Essentially, as long as your health allows it, you can still skydive no matter how old you are—unless you happen to be a monarch.

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