Getting Ready For Your First Skydiving Jump? 4 Things You Need To Do

Deciding to go skydiving is a big decision. Going skydiving is a unique thrill only a small number of people ever get to experience. If you have decided that you will be one of those people, there are things you are going to want to do to get ready for your first skydiving experience.

1. Dress Correctly

When you head out for your skydiving trip, you will want to make sure you have the proper clothing. You will be up in the air, where things are cooler, but your adrenaline is also going to kick in and warm things up.

You will want to wear clothing that is comfortable, such as a t-shirt, pants, and sneakers. Don't wear anything with strings or other embellishments that stick out. You will want to cover your feet, and snug sneakers are the best way to do that.

2. Spring for the Extras

Most people are only going to go skydiving once or perhaps a couple times. Yet this is a memorable experience worth celebrating, so spring for the photo and video package. The actual skydiving experience, after all the build-up, is going to go by quickly.

Getting the photo and video package will allow you to relive the experience and remember exactly what it felt like the first time you took the plunge, jumped out of an airplane, and flew through the sky.

3. Pay Attention to Safety

When it comes to your skydiving experience, the instructors will teach you what you need to do when you are in the air. Your instructors will try to make this portion as enjoyable as possible, but that doesn't mean you should zone out.

This isn't like the safety presentation you have heard 50 times before when flying on a commercial plane. This is new safety information that you need to know to respond correctly when falling through the air. Your instructors have completed hundreds of jumps and know what they are talking about, so pay attention to what they have to say about being safe and about approaching the entire experience.

4. Remember to Breathe

When it comes to jumping out of the plane, it is essential to remember to breathe. You don't want to hyperventilate as you are floating down to Earth; that is dangerous and will take away from your experience.

If you feel nervous at all, focus on taking slow and deep breaths. You may want to practice this type of breathing before your big jump so if your nerves get the most of you, you will already have muscle memory when it comes to slow and deep breathing. Ideally, you will be able to breathe just like you usually would on the ground. If you find the wind to be a little intense when jumping, tilt your head back and breath through your mouth instead of your nose.

If you have decided to jump from an airplane and experience the joys of skydiving, dress in comfortable and loose clothing with closed-toed shoes. Pay attention to the training and safety messages from your instructors. Remember to relax and breathe and enjoy the experience! Splurge on the video and pictures so you can fully remember this unique experience.

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